Philosophy – Casa Terra Alma


Terra Alma is a project born from the search for a way of life that is more sustainable and in harmony with nature. Create a safe place of meeting and learning, of rest, of conscience.


Art is an important part of our home. We want our walls to be exhibition walls, our floor a dance floor. Create a center open to culture in a rural environment.

Also the personal growth is a strong pillar. We want to share resources to work on each one of us through creativity, and providing a safe space for the feminine.

For Terra Alma, it is time for action, to materialize ideas and carry out projects that have to do with what is essential, life.
Connect traditions with contemporary practices, taking the best of both worlds. Promoting an inclusive, empathetic, tolerant and mutually respectful environment. Where each counts.
The love for nature and the beings that inhabit it motivates us in many of our decisions, the kitchen is one of them, we offer a vegetarian menu as a sign of this commitment.

Our intention is to create a space for individual and collective transformation. Walking each day towards self-sufficiency in all its senses.
Return to the origin generating abundance in the environment and participating in the repopulation of the village.


We would like our work to be a source of inspiration and support for more people looking for an alternative. Collaborating and weaving networks with similar projects in rural areas, since with help there are no limits. Every dream is possible.